Enagás, Ambassador of the European Excellence 2016

20 June 2016

An acknowledgement of Excellence, through the Ambassadors of European Excellence Programme, aimed at projecting an image of excellence, effort and success within and beyond Spanish borders.

The most characteristic value of Excellence of the gas production company is sustainability; its maxim is the creation of a sustainable future.

The Excellence in Management Club, a not-for-profit organisation that seeks to strengthen the global competitiveness of organisations and professionals from different sectors through values of excellence, has presented, in conjunction with Marca España, the second edition of the Ambassadors of European Excellence Programme.

Jose Miguel Tudela, Director of Organisation and SCR, recieved the award from Alberto Durán, Chairman of the Club Excelencia de Gestión

At the event, held at the Casa de América in Madrid, Enagás was recognised as an Ambassador of European Excellence 2016. The company is an international leader in the development, operation and maintenance of gas infrastructure.

"The purpose of the Programme is to project, within and beyond Spanish borders, an image of excellence, effort and success for Spanish organisations that have proven themselves as an example through an official recognition of excellence," said Alberto Durán, President of the Excellence in Management Club.

The company started its international business in 2011, and is currently present in eight different countries. The company's international strategy focuses on three main axes of growth: to participate in the integration of the European natural gas market; to develop natural gas infrastructures on growing markets; and finally to strengthen the position of Enagás as a global specialist in LNG.

Its path to excellence began in 2007, when the EFQM Management Model was adopted as a benchmark and it made its first EFQM self-assessment. From that moment until now, Enagás has achieved the different EFGM levels of excellence, including 500+ Certification, the highest level of recognition in Spain.

The assessment criteria, for which this award is given, can be summarised in its corporate reputation, international vocation, its trajectory with EFQM Certification, its identification with values of excellence and other recognitions.

Sustainability as the key Value of Excellence

Sustainability is an integrated aspect of the Enagás management at strategic and operational level. The company is firmly committed to the creation of a sustainable future through innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions that promote a low carbon economy.

"Enagás' commitment to creating a sustainable future is materialised in: the development of infrastructures that allow an efficient use of gas, the contribution to reducing local contamination and CO2 emissions in the transport sector and the introduction of biogas in our infrastructures," explained José Miguel Tudela, Director of Organisation and RSC for Enagás.


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