Enagás culminates its process of hive-downs at subsidiaries and accreditation by the CNE regulator and the European Union as an independent gas transmission network manager

17 September 2012

 The company's organisational structure receives a boost following the appointment of a CEO
The Board has also adapted to the changes required for accreditation as independent TSO

Changes to the Board and Management have been made in response to more stringent Good Governance recommendations

Following a proposal by the Chairman, today the Board of Enagás, S.A. approved the appointment of Marcelino Oreja Arburúa as Enagás CEO. The appointment was made necessary by the new Enagás holding structure (with Enagás S.A. as the parent and Enagás Transporte and Enagás GTS as subsidiaries) and the company's certification as an independent gas transmission network manager. It also means a boost for the organisation in terms of the globalisation process it is currently undertaking.


Enagás Chairman Antonio Llardén remains in place as chief executive of the Group and Chairman of the Board. The CEO reports directly to the Chairman, and will take charge of the company's day-to-day operations.
Through this structure, Enagás is also deploying the commitment acquired with international.


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