Conventional demand for natural gas reached a record high in February

29 February 2012

 In February, conventional demand reached 30,30 GWh

February saw seven out of the 10 days of record consumption

Daily consumption reached a record high on 3 February of 1,249 GWh

Conventional demand for natural gas (domestic, commercial industrial and cogeneration consumption) reached a new all-time monthly record in February of 30,730 GWh.

The previous monthly record for conventional demand was in January with 30,063 GWh, with average temperatures for this time of year.

These levels confirm the sustained growth of industrial consumption, particularly at cogeneration facilities which is much higher than in the months prior to the start of the economic crisis in mid-2008.

The cold spell during the first two weeks of February pushed consumption up to such an extent that of the 10 days of record consumption this year, seven were in February.

Conventional demand for natural gas set an all-time record of 1,249 GWh on 3 February due to the low temperatures.

Demand peaks were met comfortably, meeting the entire demand of the System and all export obligations. Underground storage facilities operated at full capacity to meet requirements.


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