Conventional demand for natural gas in Spain set a new all-time record yesterday of 1,166 GWh

17 December 2010

 Conventional demand for natural gas (domestic, commercial, industrial and co-generation consumption) set a new all-time record yesterday of 1,166 GWh mainly because of the low temperatures in Spain. This was 1.4% higher than the previous record of 1,150 GWh set on 12 January this year.

Conventional demand also reached record highs in the regions of Castilla y León, Andalusia, Navarra, the Basque Country and the Balearic Islands.

Total demand (conventional and for electricity generation) was 1,585 GWh. Had natural gas consumption for electricity generation been near peak levels of previous winters, total demand in Spain would have also reached a new high.

Year to date, conventional demand is up 10% on last year, at 251,311 GWh. The increase is mainly due to higher domestic consumption caused by the low temperatures and increased industrial consumption, leading Enagás at times to reach maximum output. On 30 November, the Barcelona regasification plant registered its highest ever output, of 400 GWh. This was 7% above the previous high, recorded on 27 January 2005.

Total demand to yesterday stood at 381,906 GWh, 0.5% less than the same period of 2009. The slight decrease was due mainly to high rainfall and the increase in electricity generation from renewable sources.
The forecast for year-end 2010 is for conventional demand to reach 265,000 GWh, above the level seen in 2008 (262,000 GWh) and back to what it was before the financial crisis.


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