Enagás approves a new organisational structure

19 October 2007

The company has adapted itself to the new Regulatory Framework and creates the Technical System Operation Department .

Enagás has reinforced its business areas to ensure the success of the company's Strategic Plan and enhance its relationships with stakeholders.

Enagás’ board of directors, at Chairman Antonio Llardén’s request, has approved a new organisational structure intended to bring the company into line with recent legislative requirements and meet the targets outlined in its Strategic Plan.

The new corporate structure is strategically oriented toward the gas business and its value chain and lending greater support to the chairman and board of directors, leaving the company better positioned to face the following challenges:

– Organic and operational separation of the functions of Technical System Operator and gas transport within the company (Law 12/07).
– New 2007-2012 Strategic Plan: record investments in infrastructure, of more than €4Bn, and guaranteeing the continuity of investment efforts until 2017. 
– Development of a regulatory framework adapted to the system's investment and management needs.  Streamlining processes and procedures for the approval of investments.
– Strengthening relationships with investors, the business and institutional communities and the media.
– Commitment to the development of quality and excellence: development of efficiency, transparent processes and company prestige.
– Strengthening the transport business: a focus on profitability, the value chain and integrated management of third-party access (TPA) services.


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