The Port Authority of Cartagena gives Enagás its VII Environmental Award

14 June 2018

The Port of Cartagena acknowledged the company’s energy efficiency plan implemented at its Cartagena plant

The president of the Cartagena Port Authority, Joaquín Segado, presented Claudio Rodríguez, Gas Assets General Manager for Enagás, with its Environment Award, which is given each year to recognise initiatives that benefit the environment of the port area.
The award, now in its 7th year, was presented to Enagás for its ‘Energy Efficiency Plan at the Cartagena Plant’. Claudio Rodríguez expressed his gratitude for the distinction and explained that the project ‘has significantly reduced the internal use of gas and electricity consumption at the Cartagena regasification plant’.
More specifically, it has led to a reduction in the internal use of gas through the installation of new gas compressors that feed the network by recovering evaporated natural gas vapour - called boil-off in the industry - and to electricity savings through the use of frequency converters to regulate the speed at which pumps capture seawater and move liquefied natural gas (LNG). The project also included actions to use nitrogen instead of natural gas for the flare seal.
The plant energy efficiency plan has produced total energy savings of 148 GWh and a CO2 reduction of 29,857 tonnes since 2015.
Joaquín Segado, president of the Cartagena Port Authority, pointed out that one of the aims of the port was ‘to become a leader in sustainability and environment’. The awards were a way of ‘acknowledging the initiatives undertaken by the companies’ in order to ‘create a more sustainable environment’. He added that ‘this is a matter that affects everybody, which is why we need the involvement of companies and society as a whole’.
Through this award, the Cartagena Port Authority, within the framework of its Corporate Social Responsibility policy, contributes to meeting one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) approved by world leaders in 2015.
The Region of Murcia’s Director-General for Environment, Consolación Rosauro, was also present at the award ceremony. 

The Port Authority of Cartagena gives Enagás its VII Environmental Award

Environment Award

The Port of Cartagena created the Environment Award in 2010 to acknowledge initiatives that benefited the environment of the port area.
There are two categories of award, which alternate every year. One of them is for companies present at the port and in its area of influence, and rewards implemented and operational actions.
The second evaluates original ideas and projects for future implementation at the port, proposed by collectives, associations and people with links to universities and/or research.


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