The ONCE Social Group and Enagás sign an agreement on employment and training for the disabled

13 May 2021

The ONCE Social Group and Enagás have signed a collaboration agreement on employment and training for the disabled. The Chairman of the ONCE Social Group, Miguel Carballeda, and the President of Enagás, Antonio Llardén, have signed this agreement.

With this agreement, the ONCE Social Group and Enagás, as well as collaborating in the training and employment of people with disabilities, will also join forces in the areas of sustainability, universal accessibility and the development of joint initiatives in the field of the social economy.

From left to right: Miguel Carballeda, president of ONCE Social Group, and Antonio Llardén, president of Enagás.

To this end, both entities will develop training actions, both theoretical and practical, aimed at providing skills in different areas to all people, especially those with disabilities and with academic qualifications. They will also enable recruitment, guidance and job placement programmes for access to quality jobs.

The companies will collaborate in initiatives for the training and hiring of workers with disabilities and young people in situations of social vulnerability, for which “Inserta Empleo”, part of the ONCE Social Group specialising in training and job search for people with disabilities, will be used.

They will also work together to promote a cooperation programme to promote the design and universal accessibility, focusing on technological accessibility in virtual spaces, buildings, facilities and services. The ONCE Social Group will advise Enagás on universal accessibility projects.

Example of sustainable and inclusive social economy

In addition, Enagás will analyse the possibility of incorporating social content clauses in most of the central contracting it carries out, and will study the possibility of forming part of the Forum for Socially Responsible Contracting. It may also procure products and services from the Special Employment Centres created within the ONCE Social Group (Ilunion).

And, looking abroad, this agreement includes actions in the area of development cooperation through the ONCE Social Group's international development programmes, which dovetail with Enagás’ Social Responsibility area and its social sustainability projects.

As an example of joint work, both groups are already collaborating in the “Llewo” project, related to the last mile logistics business, which combines all the keys of the social, sustainable and inclusive economy by carrying out this work of proximity to citizens in an ecological, friendly way and with employment that includes people with disabilities.


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