Enagás Emprende and INERCO join forces to monitor greenhouse gas emissions

06 February 2020

• INERCO acquires a 54% stake in the Enagás Emprende start-up VIRA GAS Imaging

Enagás Emprende, the Enagás subsidiary, and INERCO, the engineering services and environmental technology company, have signed an agreement by which INERCO has taken a majority shareholding (54%) in VIRA GAS Imaging, Enagás Emprende’s tech start-up. This agreement represents a step forward in both companies’ commitment to innovation and technology for sustainable development and will be implemented through a capital increase in VIRA GAS Imaging.

VIRA GAS Imaging, the first start-up created through the Enagás Corporate Entrepreneurship Programme, incorporates technologies for the development of programmes to detect and quantify emissions of volatile organic compounds (Smart LDAR) by means of infrared technology cameras coupled with image processing systems.

This alliance between Enagás and INERCO promotes new technological solutions for controlling greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and improving efficiency in such key sectors as energy and transport.

Marcelino Oreja, CEO of Enagás, highlighted that “this agreement is another step in the company's corporate entrepreneurship and open innovation programme” and pointed out that this project “reinforces Enagás commitment to sustainability and will enable further progress to be made in the decarbonisation process for key industrial sectors”.

For Vicente Cortés, chairman of INERCO, this operation is an important step in the strategic development of the company, “which adds to our integral technologies for environmental control, with special attention to the minimisation of greenhouse gas emissions, which are a key factor in climate change”. In this sense, the chairman of INERCO stressed the strategic importance of VIRA GAS Imaging as “an innovative company, which was the winner of the first INERCO Open Innovation competition, our start-up acceleration programme”.


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