Interconnections enable the supply of natural gas to France from Spain during the cold snap

01 March 2018

• Spain consolidates its role as a transit country for gas to Europe owing to the strength of its gas infrastructure and connections with producer countries in North Africa

Yesterday, February 28 th, the Spanish Gas System supplied France with a total of 22 GWh of natural gas through the interconnections existing at Irún, province of Guipuzcoa, and Larrau, Navarre. This figure is the equivalent to that of supplying a city the size of Zaragoza for one day.

In addition, the capacity under contract with gas distribution companies for delivery to France today is for 204 GWh.

This allows Spain to strengthen the security of energy supplies in Europe and has consolidated its role as a transit country for natural gas at a time of high demand on the continent as a consequence of the Arctic cold snap affecting several neighbouring countries.

This situation also coincides with low levels of natural gas storage in Europe owing to the conditions at the end of winter.

The flow of natural gas to France, such as that taking place yesterday, are occurring at a time when prices in the Spanish market are lower than those recorded in other European countries.

At the close of trading yesterday, the price per MWh in Spain was 38.10 euros, according to Mibgas data, compared to 47.84 euros in France, 52.68 euros in Germany, and 54.41 euros in Italy.

Infrastructure strength

Thanks to the strength of its gas infrastructure, Spain has one of the most diversified and secure supply networks in the world.

More specifically, the Spanish Gas System makes use of seven liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals, four underground storage facilities and a network of more than 12,000 kilometres of high-pressure gas pipelines.

Moreover, there are six interconnections: two with producer countries of North Africa via Tarifa, province of Cadiz, and Almeria; two with Portugal via Tui, province of Pontevedra, and Badajoz; and those previously mentioned with France via Larrau and Irún.


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