Women’s Entrepreneurship Day at Enagás: five years promoting women’s entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Innovation Events
11 December 2023


Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is celebrated internationally on 19 November with the aim of making their role visible and continuing to contribute to the empowerment of women in the field of entrepreneurship. In relation to this, Enagás has joined this celebration for the fifth consecutive year.

The event was inaugurated by the Business Development and Affiliates General Manager, Jesús Saldaña, and was also attended by the Head of People and Diversity at Enagás, Susana Toril, who pointed out that “the main barriers that women face in entrepreneurship are the low self-perception that many women have of themselves as potential entrepreneurs, the lack of support from those closest to them and/or the gender roles that society still imposes on us”.

Susana Toril underlined the need for explicit and strong support from both the private and public spheres. In this regard, she explained that the call organised by Enagás, Ingenia Energy Challenge, includes a newly created award for ‘Women’s Entrepreneurship’.

Ingenia Energy Challenge is an initiative organised by Enagás that aims to promote innovation in the energy transition, supporting projects committed to sustainability. This year’s call seeks to foster collaboration and the development of cutting-edge solutions in three key areas: renewable gases and new transport fuels; sustainability and energy efficiency; and Industry 4.0 and digitalisation. The deadline for enrolment in the programme is 14 January 2024.

The meeting was also attended by Ángela Pérez, Founder, Vice President and Business Development Director of Health in Code, the first genetic diagnosis company in Spain. Ángela Pérez approached entrepreneurship from her own life experience and highlighted some of the values that must accompany anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur: “Having infinite perseverance, asking the market and being absolutely flexible are essential for any project of this kind”, she said.

The event thus reinforced Enagás’ commitment to entrepreneurship, equality, innovation and diversity.


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