Enagás celebrates Women's Week

Diversity Corporate
13 March 2023
  • The company is committed to real equality and aims to continue to increase the number of women in its team

Enagás has celebrated “Women's Week” with various activities to demonstrate its commitment to gender equality and raise awareness among its employees of the need to evolve towards a more egalitarian and inclusive society.

Women currently make up 30% of the company's workforce. 40.3% hold managerial and pre-managerial positions, 40% are on the Board of Directors and 33% are on the Executive Committee. And the aim is, as Teresa Blanco, Enagás' Diversity and Engagement Manager, points out, to continue to increase their presence at all organisational levels.

“The energy sector is set to be of great importance in the coming years. And that is why it will require the talent of everyone, women and men, working in multidisciplinary teams for a common goal,” she says.

Throughout “Enagás Women's Week”, the company held various activities aimed at both awareness-raising and collaboration. Among them:

-      Volunteering initiatives in collaboration with the Adecco Foundation. Through training workshops, several Enagás employees have been able to help women in vulnerable situations to improve their access to jobs. 

-      Participation of Enagás' Diversity and Engagement Manager, Teresa Blanco, as a speaker at the Barcelona Woman Acceleration Week (BWAW). There she highlighted the need to value the contribution of women in a sector that is set to be of great importance in the coming years due to the shift in the energy paradigm.

-      Enagás has continued to disseminate the “Ellas te lo cuentan” (“They tell you”) initiative, in which the company shares the stories of different professionals on its social networks so that they can serve as a reference and inspiration for other women. On this occasion, Sara Olmeda and Eider Zubizarreta, from the Enagás Talent Attraction and Development area, took part, explaining how they identify the best professionals to face the challenges of the sector in the future and the importance of having more girls with a STEM vocation.

-      There was also space for health care with an informative talk by a medical oncologist on breast cancer. This is one of the health problems that most affects women and, although to a lesser extent men, it is just as relevant in terms of self-care and prevention.

Commitment to equality

Enagás has an Equality Plan that sets out a framework for action to promote effective equality, equity, merit, personal progress, work-life balance, and co-responsibility among all professionals.

It also has an Integral Management Plan that includes more than 130 specific measures and actions that favour the balance between the different facets of people’s lives and help the work performance of its employees, including teleworking, a family assistance programme, a personalised flexible remuneration plan and flexible working hours.

It also has a remuneration model that takes into account the criteria of equity and non-discrimination and in which differences are only determined by the position in the structure and professional experience of each person within the company.

The company has programmes such as “Women with talent” and participates in the “Promociona” and “Progresa” projects with the aim of favouring the professional development of the participants and improving their access to the management and pre-management spheres of the company.

In 2022, Enagás launched the campaign #EllasTeLoCuentan, in which female employees from its workforce share their stories so that they can serve as a reference and inspiration for other women and reinforce the attractiveness of this sector for professionals with technical training. 

Gender equality awards

Enagás has also been certified as a family-responsible company (FRC) since 2007 and in 2022 obtained the highest rating (level A+) for excellence in work-life balance, making it the first energy company in Spain to achieve this category.

Also in 2022, the company was included for the fifth consecutive year in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index, a list that distinguishes the 484 companies most committed to transparency in gender reporting and the promotion of equality worldwide.

In addition, Enagás has been included, for the second consecutive year, in Equileap’s global ranking of the 100 leading companies in gender equality, ranked among the top 20. With 71% out of 100, the company ranks second both in the Utilities sector and among the Spanish companies analysed as a whole.


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