Enagás, one of the Ibex 35 companies with most transparency in ethics and compliance

Diversity Corporate
04 December 2023


  • According to a report prepared by the Haz Foundation with the support from the Cumplen Association, Enagás leads this ranking in voluntary transparency

Enagás holds a place in the ranking of the most transparent companies in the Spanish index. This is reflected in the report “Transparency and good governance on ethics and compliance practices of IBEX 35 companies”, prepared by the Haz Foundation and Cumplen (an association of regulatory compliance professionals) which has recently been published. The report analyses the voluntary transparency of these companies’ public information regarding their compliance policies and practises.

The company holds second place in the ranking. This transparency report by the Haz Foundation plays a key role in promoting ethical values and compliance within organisations. The inclusion of Enagás highlights the company’s commitment to transparency through the dissemination of issues related to corporate governance in its corporate website.

At Enagás, the culture of compliance extends to all areas of the organisation based on the idea that the road to success requires ethical and responsible management. 


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