Enagás publishes its 2022 Annual Report

30 March 2023
  • The company has introduced several advances in the field of sustainability reporting in this report 

One more year, Enagás has published its Annual Report, a document that constitutes an exercise in transparency towards its stakeholders and a very useful tool for promoting sustainability, both internally and throughout its value chain. 

In the report for the 2022 financial year, aspects required by the new regulation of both large and medium-sized companies in the coming years are outlined.

These include the identification of material issues and risks in ESG areas (from a dual materiality perspective). As well as the setting of decarbonisation and nature conservation targets, and the degree of progress towards achieving them, both in terms of mitigation and in terms of transformation at the strategic level.

Enagás has been preparing its Annual Reports for years following the latest trends and best international reporting practices. Over the last few years, on an early and voluntary basis, Enagás has been adopting standards in its reports, such as GRI or SASB and reporting frameworks such as the Integrated Reporting Framework or the TCFD, among others.

You can consult the Enagás 2022 Annual Report here


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