Enagás highlights that hydrogen is at the heart of its strategy at the “Generation of Opportunities” forum organised by Europa Press

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28 February 2024
  • The Director of Strategy and Planning, María Teresa Nonay, highlighted the important advances made by the company in this energy vector in the last year

Enagás’ Director of Strategy and Planning, María Teresa Nonay, highlighted the key role of renewable hydrogen in Enagás’ strategy, as it enhances security of supply and decarbonisation. “Hydrogen is at the heart of our strategy, both in terms of energy security and decarbonisation,” she said at the “Generation of Opportunities” forum organised by Europa Press on 28 February.




The executive took part in the round table “Priorities and Agenda of companies for 2024” where she highlighted the significant progress made by Enagás in 2023 in the field of renewable hydrogen. Among them, she highlighted the Call for Interest that Enagás carried out last year, confirming the enormous interest in this energy vector, which is widely spread throughout Spain. She also underlined the importance of the appointment of Enagás as interim manager of the Spanish hydrogen network.

The Director of Strategy and Planning argued that the acceleration of the energy transition has led to a new growth path. “Sustainability is the formula for success to advance in the energy transition,” she reflected, emphasizing the leading and transversal role that sustainability plays in Enagás’ strategy

In her words, business has an essential role to play in achieving carbon neutrality by 2050: “We are talking about a ‘pulling effect’ that companies can perform to achieve this decarbonisation in which we have a clear responsibility”. In this regard, she highlighted the fact that Enagás plans to reach carbon neutrality ten years earlier, in 2040.

Nonay highlighted the potential of new technological advances to complete the green energy transition. “Without technology there is no innovation or progress in the line of learning,” she said during her speech at a round table that also included the partner of McKinsey & Company, Fernando Martín del Agua; the Vice President of GSK Spain and Director in Europe of Institutional Relations and Communication of GSK, Guillermo de Juan; the Academic Director of the Program for Management Development of Esade Executive Education, Alberto Alonso Poza; the Head of Digital Transformation at Iberdrola Spain, Silvia Núñez Rivero; the Strategy Coordinator at IKEA Ibérica, Javier Laraña; the Director of External Communication and Social Networks at Mutua Madrileña, Luis Miguel Rodríguez, and the Director of Management and Institutional Relations at Europa Press, Candela Martín de Cabiedes, as moderator.


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