Enagás highlights its commitment to the fight against climate change at the El País Tendencias Forum

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21 November 2023


  • The Director of Sustainability and Climate Action, Jose Miguel Tudela, calls attention to the company’s drive to decarbonise its entire value chain

The Enagás Director of Sustainability and Climate Action, Jose Miguel Tudela, highlighted the work carried out by Enagás in the fight against climate change at Foro Tendencias, a forum analysing current trends organised by El País on 20 November in Madrid.  “As far as climate change is concerned, Enagás' commitment is clear," he said. He also explained that "Enagás is designing actions to bring about decarbonisation, not only those of the company’s facilities, but of the sector as a whole.”

José Miguel Tudela participated in a round table on the role of companies and the environment, together with the Mexican actor, producer and film director, Gael García Bernal; the Director of the Department of Health and Environment of the World Health Organization (WHO), María Neira; the researcher in epidemiology and public health at the Universities of Alcalá and Johns Hopkins, Manuel Franco; the Director of Environment of Iberdrola, Emilio Tejedor; and the Corporate Director of Sustainability and Studies of Redeia, Eva Pagán. The discussion was moderated by the editor-in-chief of the Science and Technology section of El País, Patricia Fernández de Lis.

The Director of Sustainability and Climate Action stressed that “Enagás is committed to the use of renewable gases such as hydrogen to decarbonise the energy sector.” In this respect, he explained the company’s two major projects in this field: H2Med, which will connect the Iberian Peninsula with France and Germany; and the Spanish Hydrogen Backbone Network, which will enable hydrogen to be transported and stored within Spain.

During his intervention, he also advocated the usefulness of the Conference of the Parties (COP) in the fight against climate change, given the proximity of the forthcoming summit to be held from 30 November to 12 December in Dubai. He pointed out that the COP is being consolidated as a control tool to verify that countries are complying with the set sustainability goals. “It is a powerful tool, provided it is put to good use," he concluded.



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