Rafael Piqueras Bautista

Board Secretary

Law degree from Centro de Estudios Universitarios, CEU.

State lawyer since 1980, Piqueras has held various positions of responsibility in the public and private sectors.

He began his career as a State Attorney - Head of the Ministry of Industry and Energy. In 1990, he joined the Instituto Nacional de Hidrocarburos (INH), then majority shareholder of Repsol and Enagás, as Legal Director. Here he served, among other positions, as Director and Secretary to the Board of Directors of Enagás, S.A., Secretary of the Board of SAGANE, S.A., the company in charge of the construction of the Maghreb-Europe gas pipeline, and Director of Gas Natural Latinoamericana, S.A.

In 1995, he moved to the Repsol division, where he held the positions of Global Corporate Director of Legal Services of the Group and Vice-secretary of the Board of Directors of Repsol, S.A.

Since 2006, Piqueras has been General Secretary and Secretary to the Board of Directors of Enagás, S.A. Since 2018, he is also Chairman of the Spanish Issuers’ Association, member of the CNMV Advisory Committee and Trustee of the Royal Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation Pro Foundation.