I am already a supplier

Suppliers already approved and invited to participate in an RFQ process will receive an e-mail notification from the Jaggaer purchasing platform. This is the channel Enagás uses to communicate with its supplier network in a secure and easy-to-use environment that ensures transparency and traceability throughout the RFQ process.




Supplier evaluation

During the execution or upon completion of services or delivery of supplies, Enagás may evaluate its suppliers in different management areas. The company reserves the right to revoke approval of suppliers with unsatisfactory results.


Signing of contract documents with digital signature

Enagás uses a platform for the signing of contractual documents, such as orders, contracts or licenses with suppliers and collaborating companies, with digital certificates and biometric signatures.




Coordination of business activities

The company has a web application for coordination of business activities and occupational health and safety management.


In accordance with Spanish Royal Decree 171/2004 of 30 January, implementing Article 24 of Law 31/1995, of 8 November, on Occupational Health and Safety in relation to the coordination of business activities, Enagás provides its contractors with the following web application to manage the coordination of occupational health and safety. Registration is a requirement only if you are bidding on or if you are awarded a tender.





All invoices from suppliers are processed through the easyap platform.

Suppliers should send their invoices to facturasconpedido.enagas@easyap.com or facturasdirectas.enagas@easyap.com, as appropriate. It is very important that they contain the necessary information for processing, the order and certification number or applicant unit code.

To check the status of invoices, you will need to access the easyap supplier portal.



In this portal, the supplier will be able to see the different status of their invoices:

In general, orders published by the company are subject to the general conditions of contract set out below.