Energy connections with neighbouring countries


At Enagás we have six international natural gas connection points that link us with neighbouring countries in North Africa and with Portugal and France.


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The terminal receiving gas transported by the Maghreb-Europe pipeline, which came into operation in October 1996, is located in Zahara de los Atunes (Cádiz). It is here that the two underwater sections which cross the Strait of Gibraltar end, and the Al Andalus pipeline, which transports a significant part of Spain and Portugal’s natural gas supplies, begins.

In 2009, Enagás put into operation the Medgaz receiving terminal, an underwater gas pipeline between Algeria and Spain, in Almeria, which contributes to improving the security of supply in our country and in the rest of Europe.

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In 1993, the Larrau-Calahorra gas pipeline came into operation, becoming the first connection to the European gas pipeline network. An important part of this pipeline runs through the Pyrenean mountain range of Navarre at altitudes of over 2,000 metres.

Afterwards, in 2013, following the acquisition of 90% of Naturgas Energía Transporte by the subsidiary Enagás Transporte S.A.U., the Irún international connection, which connects the Basque Country with France, was added to the infrastructure we manage.

Both connections with France are commercially managed as a single connection, called VIP Pyrenees.

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One of the connection points between the Spanish and Portuguese natural gas transmission networks is located in Badajoz since 1996. The other is located in Tuy (Pontevedra) and began operations in 1998. In 2012, the virtual connection point of Portugal, called VIP.PT, was incorporated. It encompasses the capacities of the physical interconnection points of Tuy and Badajoz.

Both international connections with Portugal are commercially managed as a single connection, called VIP Ibérico.

The capacity on these connections is managed through auctions carried out on the European PRISMA platform, according to the European network standards and codes developed by ACER and ENTSOG.

More information on the management of these international connections here.


Connection pressure


 Maximum pressureMinimum pressure
 Entry pointExit point 
Tarifa - Cádiz08040
Almería - Medgaz8080  40
Badajoz - Campo Maior848040
Tuy - Valença do Minho8080  40
Larrau - Alçay7272  40
Irún - Biriatou727240