What is the process for incoming communications to the Whistleblowing Channel?


The Ethical Compliance Committee is the body responsible for the Internal Information System, and is therefore in charge of managing the communications received through the Whistleblowing Channel. It may rely on support from the departments of Enagás that it considers appropriate in each case.

1. Preliminary analysis of the communication and study of the information provided.

The Secretary and/or Chairman of the Ethical Compliance Committee will assess whether the communication is upheld or rejected, acknowledging receipt of the communication (where possible) within 7 calendar days.

2. Deliberation on notifying and informing the reporter

The Secretary and/or Chairman of the Ethical Compliance Committee will reply to the person who submitted the report (informer) on the decision taken on the communication, offering the possibility to maintain communication with the informer and, if deemed necessary, to request additional information from the informer.

3. Analysis and investigation of the communication

The Ethical Compliance Committee, together with the departments or bodies of Enagás it considers appropriate in each case, will undertake the relevant investigation. It may also be supported by third parties.

The time limit for replying to the informer on these investigative actions will not exceed 3 months from receipt of the report or, if no acknowledgement of receipt was sent to the reporter, 3 months from the expiry of the 7-day time limit after the report was made. In cases of particular complexity, which require an extension of the deadline, the deadline may be extended by up to a maximum of a further 3 months.

4. Resolution and notification

The Ethical Compliance Committee will take the relevant decisions on the reported case and the Chair and/or Secretary of the Committee will inform the informer of the conclusions reached.