Community outreach


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2015 milestones
  • Development of volunteering initiatives focusing on assistance, employability and team cohesion, in line with the company's values.
  • Collaboration with the Cáritas Española charity organisation for the fourth consecutive year, by way of a €100,000 donation. 
  • Participation of Enagás employees for the second consecutive year in the Educating in Solidarity programme. 
  • Participation in Give and Gain, one of the most important corporate volunteering initiatives in Spain.
Lines of progress 2016
  • Preparation of a local Stakeholder Map: plant, underground storage facilities and transmission area. 
  • Preparation of a nationwide Stakeholder Map: Mexico and Peru.
  • Preparation of the annual Community Outreach Plan (cooperation issues/initiatives, outreach channels and responsible parties). 
  • Review of the Volunteering and Social Action Strategy in accordance with the Stakeholder Management Model and the corporate volunteer approach.

0.5% of social action investment with respect to profit.

1,404 hours of corporate volunteering.

202 employees took part in corporate volunteering initiatives.

16 corporate volunteering initiatives.

Impacts derived from our activities

Enagás, through its activities to develop, operate and maintain gas infrastructure, reinforces and guarantees the security of the energy supply, and fosters the use of natural gas instead of other, more polluting fossil fuels, such as oil or coal.

What is more, natural gas is of great importance for improving competitiveness as it allows efficient industrial technologies to be introduced that improve both the intensity of energy use and the industry's competitiveness, thereby creating direct and indirect jobs.

In both pipeline construction and pipeline routing surveys, Enagás takes great care over measures to minimise the impact on local flora and fauna. As far as possible, the company also avoids laying pipelines through private land, though in the case of Spain, where there is a large number of private properties per kilometre of pipeline (15 on average), it is essential to apply the regulated procedure that affords transparency in the undertaking of infrastructures and equality before the law for all Spanish citizens.

This procedure involves public information and consultation with all affected parties. Compensation is established through a scale of standard rates based on the nature of the property and crops. Any persons subject to forced expropriation who do not agree with the compensation offered may appeal, at no cost, to the regional expropriation court, which will determine the fair price payable.

Reduction of the dependence on more polluting fossil fuels.

Reduction of the dependence on more polluting fossil fuels

Industrialisation / Greater industrial competitiveness.

Industrialisation / Greater industrial competitiveness

Generation of direct and indirect employment.

Generation of direct and indirect employment

Strengthening of supply security.

Strengthening of supply security

Social investment

The objective of Enagás's social investment is to contribute to the social and economic development of local communities, giving priority to those regions in which we operate, through sustainable social action models. 

Through dialogue and collaboration with stakeholders, we maximised the positive social impact of our initiatives, whether through volunteering, sponsorships, patronage or donations. 

Each year the company prepares the Social Action Plan, which includes details of all the planned initiatives, containing sufficient information to enable the impact of the project to be monitored and subsequently assessed. The procedure for managing sponsorships, patronage and donations establishes the criteria for the reception, approval and follow up of collaboration requests (financial contributions).


Collaboration initiatives: Partnerships with associations. Stakeholder engagement: Needs analysis in operating regions. Social impact: Analysis and selection of initiatives.

Enagás Corporate Volunteering Programme “En nuestras manos” (In our hands) 

Enagás employees participate in the company's corporate volunteering programme “En nuestras manos” (In our hands), giving up their time and bringing their skills and talent. 

The company also has a Volunteer Portal - a platform that strengthens and extends the existing programme. It encompasses special days organised by the company as well as over 1,200 national and international collaboration opportunities, both face-to-face and virtual, put forward by NGOs.

In 2015, the corporate volunteering programme also included specific initiatives aimed at enhancing the employability of people at risk of social exclusion, along with others aimed at boosting team cohesion at Enagás. Furthermore, we addressed issues relating to environmental protection, health, social welfare, economic development, education and youth, all of which attracted a high level of involvement on the part of our employees.

  Hours spent

Hours spent. In 2013: 640. In 2014: 866. In 2015: 1,404. Participating employees. In 2013: 98. In 2014: 108. In 2015: 202.

In 2015, we carried out 16 initiatives, in which 202 employees dedicated a total of 1,404 working hours. 

This required an investment of €105,642 by the company to cover programme management costs.

See the Social Action Strategy published on the corporate website.


Enagás took part in a corporate volunteering activity within the framework of ‘Vives Proyecto’, a programme launched by Acción Contra el Hambre (Action Against Hunger)aimed at boosting employment and inclusive entrepreneurship. 

Our involvement helped provide job-seeking guidance for people at risk of social exclusion by giving them advice on how to prepare their CVs and assessing different entrepreneurship ideas. 

Professional success and entrepreneurship were the focus of a one-day event aimed at the exchange of experiences and learning, not only through the project itself, but also through the ideas, questions and comments of others. Volunteers and attendees talked about how to perfect the businesses that had been presented and how to leverage entrepreneurship initiatives to gain a foothold in the job market.

Sponsorship, patronage and donations

Enagás collaborates in social projects through sponsorships (institutional, academic, sporting and sponsorship activities), patronage (social and cultural activities and initiatives) and donations. 

In 2015, economic contributions were:

Areas of contribution. Economic development: 53%. Art and culture: 17%. Social welfare: 16%. Education and youth: 13%. Health: 1%.

Furthermore, we made in-kind donations of all IT equipment, mobile phones and discontinued promotional material.


For the fourth year running, Enagás donated €100,000 euros to the Cáritas charity organisation to help meet the basic needs of the most disadvantaged groups. This sum, which the company had previously earmarked for Christmas gifts, will go to a Cáritas programme aimed at providing help for vulnerable or marginalised families, focused on improving their quality of life in Spain and helping to reduce the social divide that has been exacerbated by the crisis. 

This partnership will enable Cáritas to provide healthcare and food for families at their shelters, social canteens and day centres. More specifically, Enagás' donation will be used to distribute food, clothes, shoes, child hygiene products, medicines, help with housing costs and support for schooling, as well as other initiatives that provide accommodation for families in need who turn to Cáritas for help.

This donation is in line with the social action policy of Enagás, which is committed to supporting projects that enhance the well-being of individuals, and in particular that of members of the most disadvantaged groups in society.