Health and safety

Health and Safety is one of the material aspects for Enagás, as is reflected in the company's Health & Safety, Environment and Quality Policy. From an overall safety perspective, the company seeks the involvement of leaders and the development of a behavioural model for health and safety that guarantees the operation and maintenance of the facilities, processes and equipment, in safe conditions, so that people can carry out their work in optimal health and safety conditions.

The key aspects that we address in our approach to overall safety are the management of occupational risk prevention, including road safety, crisis and emergency management, information security and the health of professionals.

Milestones 2017
  • Conducting stress management workshops for Enagás professionals..
  • Road safety certification according to the ISO 39001 standard.
  • Certification of the corporate website in accordance with the information security standard . (ISO/IEC 27001).
  • Upgrading of the critical process of the Industrial Control System for certification according to ISO 27001.
  • Implementation of a training and awareness plan in cybersecurity.
Targets 2018
  • Preparation of the structure of the Health and Safety Management System by country for affiliates with Enagás majority control.
  • Evaluation of psychosocial factors.
  • Certification under ISO / IEC 27001 of the industrial control systems of the Compression Stations of Enagás.
  • Extension of the ISO / IEC 27001 certification of the corporate website to the set of applications and services that make up the Logistics System for Third Parties Network Access (SL-ATR, MSATR, Orion, etc.).
  • Adaptation to the new General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD).

The Integrated Health, Safety, Environment and Quality System of the Enagás Group is certified under OHSAS 18001 and has procedures and systems to seek to prevent injuries and illnesses caused by working conditions in addition to the protection and health promotion of the employees.

In addition, this system includes the Road Traffic Safety Management System, certified in 2017 according to ISO39001. In this area, the company has Road Safety Guidelines, a vehicle use protocol, as well as a Guide to Good Road Safety Practices.

Enagás promotes safety throughout its supply chain and requires OHSAS 18001 certification in occupational risks as part of its approval process for suppliers of certain families of products or services. Furthermore, in order to guarantee the coordination of business activities, the company has the Enagás Contractor Access System (SACE) to manage the safety of its suppliers, contractors and the whole subcontracting chain.

This system offers contractors the operating safety procedures applicable to the risks involved in the works they perform.

Enagás has various employee representative bodies where employees exercise their participation and consultation rights. Different committees comprise health and safety officers and management representatives. The Health and Safety Committees(1) meet every three months, while the Group and Enagás Transporte SAU Intercentre Health and Safety Committees meet with a frequency set out in the collective bargaining agreement.

On the Intranet there is also a suggestion box available to all Enagás employees.

(1) The Health and Safety Committees are statutorily established for centres with more than 50 workers, in centres with fewer than 50 workers in which there is a Prevention Delegate, health and safety meetings are held regularly.


In 2017, a total of 16,976 hours of health and safety training were provided for company employees.

During 2017, 40 awareness-raising campaigns were carried out, most aimed at promoting the physical and mental well-being of Enagás workers through the development of activities that favour a healthy diet, promote regular physical activity and help improve general health.

In addition, 11 informative talks were held in health and safety on various topics: choking, stroke, nutrition, Alzheimer's prevention, first aid and basic emergencies.

Safety indicators
Lost time injury frequency rate

Number of accidents causing injuries and sick leave per million hours worked. (Number of accidents leading to sick leave x 106 / Number of hours worked).

Lost time injury frequency rate

In 2017, there were 17 accidents. The most frequent causes include slips and trips and accidents while driving (commuting).

Lost time injury severity rate

Number of days lost due to accidents per thousand hours worked. (Number of working days lost x 103 / Number of hours worked).

Lost time injury severity rate

In Chile, no working day was lost in 2017.

Lost day rate

Total cases with lost days (own staff) / Total hours worked per 200,000

Lost day rate

In Chile, no working day was lost in 2017.

Absenteeism rate by gender, age and country

Hours of absenteeism x 100 / Theoretical hours (average workforce x 1,682 hours).

Absenteeism rate by gender, age and country

During 2017, internal communication channels were reviewed and collaboration with crisis management external support agencies was extended to improve the resilience and business continuity of the company.

Enagás has agreements with the Spanish Emergency Services and other groups of interest from the Spanish autonomous regions, and it is a member of RENEM network of the Spanish Military Emergencies Unit, with which it takes part in drills. In 2017, the company signed an agreement with the Emergency Service of Asturias (SEPA), to enable companies in the area to work together in preventive activities to reduce the vulnerability of the environment in which their facilities are located.

Enagás has a stakeholders map for managing crises affecting infrastructures so that, in a hypothetical crisis situation, all key people as well as the channels and issues can be identified.

Enagás also has different procedures in place to respond to incidents in IT systems, which include roles and responsibilities, steps to take to restore the operability of equipment and systems, recovery times, etc.

Cantabria Simulation 2017

Enagás successfully participated in a new simulation of a natural catastrophe organized by the Military Emergency Unit. The exercise tested the response capacity of more than 3,000 personnel involved in the initiative faced with a huge flood event.

Enagás has a Cybersecurity Policy approved by the Board of Directors and targeted at efficiently managing the security of information processed by the company’s IT systems, as well as the assets involved in these processes.

Additionally, as enhanced protection for the critical infrastructures operated by Enagás, a General Policy for the Integral Security of Strategic Infrastructure has been defined in which the processes of physical and logical security have been combined for compliance with the law governing the protection of critical infrastructure (LPIC).

The Enagás security management model is applicable to cybersecurity and is based on international and national regulations, in order to provide, through all means within its reach and in proportion to the threats detected, the resources required so that the organisation has an environment that is aligned with the established business and cybersecurity targets.

In 2017, awareness and training initiatives on cybersecurity were delivered. Moreover, the Enagás corporate website was certified under the ISO 27001 standard. During 2018 this certification will be extended to the set of applications and services that make up the Logistics System for Third Parties Network Access (SL-ATR, MS-ATR, Orion, etc.) and progress will be made in the certification of the control system for compression stations under that standard.

Furthermore, the company is working on adapting the new General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD).

Cybersecurity incidents

As in previous years, Enagás IT systems were not subjected to any successful attacks in 2017.

Enagás has received the Healthy Workplace certification. The Integrated Healthy Management System encompasses aspects and information regarding the physical working environment, psycho-social environment, personal health resources and community participation.

Medical service actions
  • 1,259 medical consultations of Enagás staff plus 107 of external personnel
  • 181 cases of vaccinations against flu, tetanus, hepatitis A and B, and typhoid.
  • 997 health examinations.
  • 867 examinations for high blood pressure and cardiovascular risk (including 73 blood tests and 148 blood pressure measurements in the medical service, both at specific times and in follow-up)
  • 404 tests of early diagnosis of prostate cancer.

With the aim of promoting a healthy lifestyle among employees, Enagás provides professionals with a healthy and natural diet at head office and in the canteens of the facilities, and promotes exercise through programmes such as “En Forma” and the changing rooms, showers and bicycle parking services.

In 2017, several informative talks on nutrition and health, diseases such as Alzheimer's, basic emergencies and first aid were held. Additionally, Enagás has financed sports activities, organized with social themes, in which professionals from Enagás have participated (Heart Run, "Hay Salida" Run, Race against Domestic Violence, Companies Race, etc).