Commitment to the energy transition

Renewable gases

Enagás promotes the development of renewable gases, such as hydrogen and biomethane, as new key solutions in the decarbonisation process and in the development of a circular economy. The existing gas infrastructures are prepared for the transport and storage of these renewable and non-electric energies.

Gases renovables

Green hydrogen, which is obtained from the surplus electrical energy deriving from renewable sources, is an energy vector of the future; a key solution for storing renewable energy. It can also transform into various energy forms (electricity, synthetic gas or heat), and has several applications.

The biogas-to-biomethane transformation plays a key role in the promotion of a circular economy, as its origins are found in solid urban waste, residual water and agricultural, farming and forestry waste. After a process of cleaning and CO2 separation, the biogas transforms into biomethane: a totally renewable gas that injected into the transmission pipeline network.

Renewable gases can also be used as sustainable fuels in the form of Bio-CNG (natural compressed gas) and Bio-LNG (liquefied natural gas) in light and heavy vehicles.

Enagás is currently working in collaboration with various institutions and companies from the sector to promote the development of these renewable gases. It has already signed agreements with the regional government of Asturias and the regional government of Aragón, as well as companies such as Repsol, Ferrovial, Ence and Emgrisa amongst others. It also supports start-ups that have emerged from its Enagás Emprende programme that are focused on promoting renewable gases, such as BioEnGas.


  • Enagás is ready to transport renewable gases Play video
    Enagás is ready to transport renewable gases

    At Enagás, we take advantage of our experience to offer energy solutions that make our world a more sustainable place. This is part of our commitment to non-electric renewable energies, such as biomethane or hydrogen. Learn a little more about these renewable gases in this video.

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