How to become an Enagás supplier

Supplier registration and accreditation process

It is important to read this section before completing the form.

If you believe (your company´s business) may be of interest to Enagás, feel free to complete the form at the bottom of the page as a preliminary step in the accreditation process.

In cases where documentation must be attached, this will be explicitly indicated. At the bottom of the form, there is a section where you may insert files with additional information about your company and/or the products offered to support the statements made.

After the information has been assessed, if you meet the minimum requirements and Enagás deems it appropriate, the Supplier Management Department may contact your company to begin the accreditation process. As part of the process, you will be required to furnish additional information, which will be taken into account when assessing your application for accreditation.

In addition, depending on the criticality of the service, Enagás may audit the supplier to evaluate their capabilities and compliance with the relevant regulations. It may also carry out tests on the product when the failure or malfunction of the product could affect the integrity of the facilities and/or the safety of people.

Click this link to access the questionnaire to be completed prior to supplier accreditation. A step-by-step guide to registration is also available.

Preliminary questionnaire for supplier accreditation (Registration in GoSupply)

Explanatory guide for supplier registration


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