Human capital management


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2015 milestones
  • Approval of the Strategic Resources Plan to address the challenges in implementing the 2015-2017 Strategic Plan. 
  • Approval of the Human Capital Management Policy, which includes commitments aimed at attracting, developing and retaining talent, giving the company the necessary resources to roll out its strategy. 
  • Implementation of a competency assessment process (management assessment) in order to identify internal talent and assess people who could occupy senior positions. 
  • Launch of the Ingenia Business initiative, aimed at identifying ideas for developing new business models, as a launch pad for the Open Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship Programme. 
  • Top Employer certification for the fifth consecutive year. 
  • Preparation of the Comprehensive Diversity Plan.
Lines of progress 2016
  • Development of corporate directives regarding diversity. 
  • Implementation of the competency model focused on human resources development programmes (skills, assessment, etc.). 
  • Training collaboration agreements with European business schools: Energy Delta Institute and top business schools in Spain. 
  • Implementation of the internal mentoring and coaching plan. 
  • Preparation of the talent matrix and individualised career plans. 
  • Definition of the succession procedure. 
  • Second edition of the Women with Talent Programme. 
  • Plan for management to visit company facilities in order to get closer to employees and improve cross-company communication.

Net employment growth: 11%.

49.8 training hours per employee (€893.87 investment per employee).

1,337 employees (27% women).

208 new recruitments (42% women, 77% under 35 years of age).

65 internal promotions (38% women).

75% of the workforce underwent a performance assessment.

56 employees underwent a competency assessment aimed at their possible promotion to senior positions.

(1) Performance appraisal linked to their career development and the increase in their fixed remuneration.

Strategic Resources Plan

The Human Capital Management Policy, approved by the Board of Directors in 2015, sets out the commitment to guaranteeing the necessary human resources to achieve the company's strategic objectives through appropriate scaling, incorporation, organisation and management processes, taking into account international expansion and regulated business requirements.

In this regard, the Strategic Resources Plan allows us to address the challenges in implementing the 2015-2017 Strategic Plan. The Plan comprises two major pillars of transformation:

  • Organisation and Resources, a pillar based on the adaptation of scaling and of an operating model that allows for international expansion while maintaining operational efficiency in traditional markets.
  • Cultural Change within the company, requiring the definition and implementation of a Transformation Plan that reinforces employees' critical values within Enagás' strategic environment.

In this context, the plan included an 11% growth in the workforce compared to the previous year, maintaining both the stability and the quality of employment.

Distribution of the 1,337 employees by age group, employee category and gender

Distribution of the 1,337 employees by age group, employee category and gender.

Type of contract and working hours by gender

Type of contract and working hours by gender. Permanent contract: 86.59%. Full-time: 93.02%.

Investee companies

The Enagás employees in each country where the company operates are shown below, including their type (local or expatriate employees).

Investee companies: Peru, Mexico, Sweden, Switzerland and Belgium.

Talent management

In 2015 Enagás developed a competency model based on the company's values:


  • Efficiency
  • Transparency
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Sustainability
  • Safety
  • Team work


  • Team work
  • Communication
  • Results-orientated
  • Innovation
  • People management
  • Business management

The model is integrated into the following talent management processes:

  • Attracting external talent: through selection processes, in which work is underway to include new tools and methodologies per category and position incorporated in the competency model.
  • Identifying and retaining internal talent: through the Comprehensive Talent Management Model, which seeks to drive the achievement of the company's strategic objectives and plans by way of four principles:
  • Attract top talent to Enagás, ensuring the incorporation of highly-qualified people who share Enagás' principles and values.
  • Have a good understanding of our in-house talent in order to steer their training and professional development in an effective manner.
  • Train our employees continuously, thereby ensuring that they are fully prepared to achieve optimal job performance.
  • Develop Enagás' in-house talent by fostering professional career opportunities and mobility within the company.


Performance assessment

Performance assessment is a key part of the Comprehensive Talent Management Model. Every year, employees' competencies and skills are assessed and the results are linked to their professional development and increases to their fixed salaries. The assessor and the assessee are briefed beforehand (methodology, objectives, competencies gauged).

Other types of assessments are also performed, such as 180º assessment, carried out on 103 people in 2015, in which the Management Committee assesses all Directors and Managers.

Employees receiving performance appraisal by category and gender

Employees receiving performance appraisal by category and gender: Management, Technicians, Operational staff and Administrative staff.


Enagás is keen to train its employees through the Enagás Training School, in which over 10% of the workforce take part as trainers in different programmes. Face-to-face training is complemented by e-learning, mobile training, communities of practice, etc.

In 2015, management development programmes were undertaken at business schools, in which the main European TSOs took part. Moreover, as a new feature in 2015, employees were offered certifications in specific disciplines and a team management programme was developed for area managers, which included both training actions and coaching sessions.

One of the key tasks assigned to the Enagás Training School was to prepare employees to address the company's strategic challenges. In this regard, in 2015 training began in the area of liquefaction (one of the business development opportunities targeted in our strategy), thus reinforcing employees' understanding of this subject.

Another area in which we are working is complementing leadership training actions with the development of a model for in-house mentoring and coaching processes.

Training hours per employee

Training hours per employee: Management, Technicians, Operational staff and Administrative staff.

797 training courses given and 5 employees took part in coaching programmes.


Enagás is working to develop transition assistance programmes, aimed at facilitating the employability of employees and the management of career endings resulting from retirement or the termination of employment.

Equal opportunities and diversity

Enagás guarantees equal opportunities and diversity, doing away with any discrimination in connection with gender, disabilities, age, nationality/culture, etc. through various actions.

Gender equality

In line with Enagás' commitments regarding equal opportunities reflected in the Diversity Plan and in the Human Capital Management Policy, the company has a process for identifying female talent that includes a series of measures aimed at boosting or increasing the ratio of women in positions of responsibility.

In this regard, the more notable measures set in motion by the company include:

  • The “¿Hasta dónde quieres llegar?” (How far do you want to go?) programme in which female employees at Enagás have been taking part since 2012. This programme is aimed at promoting the professional development of women through training and advisory actions.
  • The Talented Women Development Programme and the Talented Women Virtual Community, launched in 2014. This programme for developing and supporting change is aimed at, among other things, sharing concerns, opinions and ideas.
  • Participation in the Promociona project, which seeks to improve women's access to Senior Management positions and the Board of Directors through training, mentoring and advisory actions as well as by strengthening professional contact networks.
  • Dissemination of an “inclusive language decalogue”, which contains helpful guidelines for turning language into an inclusion tool in order to encourage communication that favours equality.
  • A mentoring initiative promoted by the Chairman of the company to foster the sharing, development and integration of experiences that showcase the role of women in decision-making positions in different spheres of life.

As a result of these measures, the percentage of women in senior positions has increased from 16% in 2012 to over 25% in 2015.

Evolution of female employees in senior positions

Evolution of female employees in senior positions.


Enagás has a cooperation agreement with the Spanish Ministry for Health, Social Services and Equality aimed at increasing the number of women in companies holding positions of responsibility. With this agreement, the Company undertakes to adopt measures to increase the number of women in senior positions and on management committees.


In 2015, within the framework of the 2015-2017 Social Action Strategy, the company promoted different actions linked to the social and occupational inclusion of people with disabilities. Through activities connected to the “En nuestras manos” (In our hands) corporate volunteer scheme or social action initiatives, Enagás has signed collaboration agreements with different entities such as the Juan XXIII and Capacis foundations, as well as the ATADES, Nuevo Horizonte and Special Olympics associations. This has also brought company employees closer to the reality of specific sectors of functional diversity.

The sustainable development of such initiatives earned Enagás the Bequal seal in February 2015. This certificate determines the high level of commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility in essential areas of the company, such as the strategy on inclusion and management of disabilities and the incorporation of diversity into the Code of Conduct.

As regards the integration of persons with intellectual disabilities, Enagás has had an agreement with the Juan XXIII Foundation since 2013, whereby students with intellectual disabilities are offered work placements in the company. The main goal is for students to develop skills and obtain the knowledge they need to join the job market, as well as to progress and develop therein. Since the agreement was signed, four students have carried out placements at Enagás, cooperating in areas such as the collection of toys in the Christmas campaign, handling and distributing materials and digitising documents. This collaboration agreement provides backup/relief programmes for all company employees who look after family members with disabilities. Such programmes favour the creation of positive conditions and attitudes in the social and family environment.

To raise awareness among Enagás employees, the company launched on the Avanza portal an online training scheme offering guidelines on how to communicate effectively with people with functional diversity.

Bequal seal for the company commitment to the inclusion of people with disabilities.

"Equality at Work" accolade since 2010.

Adherence to the Diversity Charter (plurality in enterprise).

Generational diversity

In 2015, Enagás joined an enterprise network called "Generación y Talento" (Generation and Talent) in order to identify synergies that encourage the implementation of active policies on generational diversity management.

Other spheres of diversity (minorities and generational)

Enagás helps raise awareness against gender-based violence through initiatives such as joining the “Por una sociedad libre de violencia de género” (For a society free of gender-based violence) programme, through an agreement with the Ministry for Health, Social Services and Equality, and participation in the “Hay salida” (There is a way out) annual run organised by the Government Delegation Against Gender-Based Violence, which comes under the Ministry for Health, Social Services and Equality. In 2015, the company launched a communication and awareness campaign on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, transmitting a message of commitment both internally and externally through social media.

Work-life Balance

For Enagás, work-life balance means reconciling employees' needs and interests with those of the company. As a Family-Responsible Company, Enagás fosters this two-way commitment by placing over 70 reconciliation measures at the disposal of its employees, thereby favouring their professional and personal development as well as helping to balance the different dimensions of each person's life and to meet their social and health care needs, along with those of their immediate family. In 2015, the company placed a series of measures at the disposal of its employees, such as free installation of Office 365 for their home PC, as well as a microsite providing access to the Alares Family Support Programme that facilitates and streamlines all information/procedures regarding the new measures adapted to the current context of Enagás employees.

Some of the measures for work-life balance available to our employees are described below.


  • Annual medical check-up and flu vaccine campaigns.
  • 90% subsidy on the cost of private medical healthcare insurance for employees and 100% for their children. Medical cover on international trips.
  • 100% meal subsidies (canteens, financial aid, restaurant vouchers).
  • Access to a programme of discounts and exclusive prices on a wide range of online products, services and leisure.
  • Pension plans for employees with two years' effective or recognised service.
  • Healthy eating corner at head office.
  • Help towards sports activities.


  • Study support for employees' children.
  • 80% subsidy on special schooling expenses for employees who have children with disabilities.
  • "Día sin Cole" (No School Day) programme and subsidised urban summer camps for employees' children on workdays throughout the school year.
  • Alares Family Support Programme:
  • "miAsistente" (myAssistant) personal manager, which takes care of all necessary day-to-day procedures and information.
  • Free handling of diverse procedures in connection to vehicles, maternity and paternity, licences, certificates, reports, etc.
  • Free service for selecting domestic helpers and healthcare personnel.
  • Service for online wills, expert legal advice, notary public and registrations.
  • Specialised treatment and home help service in the event of convalescence, illness or accident.


  • Flexibility in start times and lunch break.
  • Shorter workday during the summer and every Friday throughout the year.
  • Division of annual leave into a maximum of 3 periods.

Social benefits related to employees' health and welfare

Social benefits related to employees' health and welfare: Meal subsidies (financial assitance and luncheon vouchers), Healthcare insurance for employees and their dependants, and Pension plans.

Family-related social benefits most used by employees

Family-related social benefits most used by employees: Study support, Advice service hotline and Home help service.

In 2015, Enagás launched a microsite aimed at providing full information on the Alares Family Support Programme and speeding up related procedures.

Family-Responsible Company, Proactive B+ status.

Results and impact on our team

The commitments undertaken by Enagás in its Human Capital Management Policy, and the measures and actions implemented, translate into high levels of satisfaction and motivation, as reflected by the low turnover rate, the results of the survey on workplace climate and the awards received by the company in this area.

The bi-annual workplace climate survey, with 68% participation, revealed that 73% of respondents in 2014 viewed the measures and actions to encourage a good workplace environment positively.


In 2015, Enagás received the Top Employer certification for the fifth consecutive year. The company stands out for its strategy on talent, which it regards as a key factor for achieving its corporate objectives, as well as for its commitment to work-life balance and equal opportunities.

Top employer spain 2015. Certified Excellence in Employee Conditions.

Rate of employee turnover by age group

Rate of employee turnover by age group: Total permanent contract voluntary redundancies / total workforce (%) and Total permanent contracts terminated / total workforce.

Evolution of turnover rates

Evolution of turnover rates. Absolute turnover rate: 2.88% in 2013; 3.03% in 2014 and 3.57% in 2015. Voluntary turnover rate: 0.45% in 2013; 0.69% in 2014 and 0.49% in 2015.