Health and Safety


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2015 milestones
  • Approval of the Health & Safety, Environment and Quality Policy. 
  • Healthy Workplace certification for the Enagás Group. 
  • Diagnosis of ISO 22320 (Emergency Management) integration in the Management System.
  • Organising of awareness and training workshops for management aimed at boosting leadership in safety. 
  • Definition of a methodology for compiling maps of stakeholders associated with crisis management at its facilities. 
  • Implementation of the Enagás Contractor Access System (SACE).
Lines of progress 2016 
  • Workshops on culture and leadership in health and safety. 
  • Pilot trial for the map of stakeholders associated with crisis management in Catalonia.
  • Collaboration with external entities supporting crisis management. 
  • Analysis of new risks and safety measures associated with socio-cultural change (age, technology, telework, etc.). 
  • Training in emergency skills and crisis management. 
  • Actions and campaigns to promote health-related issues (Fundación del Corazón) as well as healthy habits and behaviour (physical exercise and nutrition). 
  • ISO 39001 ‘Road Traffic Safety Management’ certification.

9,884 hours training in health and safety.

Rate of absenteeism: 2.51.

100% of activity certified in accordance with OHSAS 18001.

Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (own staff + contractors): 3.87.

Lost Time Injury Severity Rate (own staff + contractors): 0.10.

Health and safety for people, at facilities and in the environment

The company's actions and lines of activity in the area of health and safety are focused on the following spheres:


Leadership in health and safety




Excellence in integrated management



Position in health
and safety

Crisis management

Human health and safety
Leadership in health and safety

The health and safety culture is integrated into the company through the involvement of leaders and the development of a health and safety conduct model.

Safety management has a preventive focus and its input comes from actions derived from contingency management by analysing lessons learned.

In health matters, Enagás has received the Healthy Workplace certification. The Integrated Healthy Management System encompasses aspects and information regarding the physical working environment, psycho-social environment, personal health resources and community participation.

Preventive Approach: Integrated Management System, Continual improvement, Prevention and Mitigation. Contingency Management: Lessons learned, Response and Recovery.


In 2015, a total of 9,884 hours of health and safety training were given. 

The preventive culture campaign ‘Tu salud, tu mejor trabajo’ (Your best work is your health) in 2015 focused on health (good habits, sport, etc.) and road safety, and a total of 24 actions were carried out.

1,639 medical consultations.

218 vaccinations against flu, tetanus and hepatitis A and B.

1,082 medical check-ups.

The Enagás medical service handled over 1,600 consultations in 2015. There were also vaccination campaigns against flu, tetanus and hepatitis A and B, as well as prevention campaigns: hypertension, cardiovascular risk or prostate risk.

Health check-ups are offered to all the company's employees. These are voluntary and in all cases guarantee the employee's informed consent before the examinations, tests and analyses are carried out, as well as the confidentiality of the personal medical data obtained. A total of 1,082 medical check-ups were performed in 2015.

Health and safety at facilities
Excellence in integrated management

The Enagás Group's Occupational Risk Prevention Management System, certified in accordance with OHSAS 18001, contains procedures and rules for identifying and assessing risks, and for reporting accidents. 

Enagás promotes safety certification for its supply chain and requires, in its approval process, certification in occupational risks for suppliers of certain families of products or services. In 2015, the Enagás Contractor Access System (SACE) was implemented for safety management with suppliers.

Furthermore, due to the geographical dispersion of its facilities, road safety is one of the company's key areas of risk. For that reason, various awareness campaigns have been carried out in recent years and we are working towards road safety certification in 2016.

Health and safety indicators 
Lost time injury frequency rate 

Number of accidents causing injuries and sick leave per million hours worked. (Number of accidents leading to sick leave x 106 / number of hours worked). 

Lost time injury frequency rate.

Lost time injury severity rate 

Number of days lost due to accidents per thousand hours worked. (Number of working days lost x 103 / number of hours worked). 

Lost time injury severity rate.

In 2015, the total number of accidents involving men came to 24 (6 with sick leave, 2 in itinere and 16 without sick leave). In contrast, only 4 accidents occurred involving women (2 with sick leave, 1 in itinere and 1 without sick leave).

Lost day rate

Total cases with lost days / total hours worked x 200,000.

Lost day rate.

Absenteeism rate by gender and age

Hours of absenteeism x 100 / Theoretical hours
(average workforce x 1,682 hours).



Absenteeism rate by gender and age.

Most incidents that occurred in 2015 involved the risk of fire or explosion, both mechanical and physical. The most frequent causes of such incidents include tools and safety equipment and devices.

Enagás has various social representation bodies where employees exercise their participation and consultation rights:

 Health and Safety Committees(1)The Group's Inter-Centre Health and Safety CommitteeThe Inter-Centre Health and Safety Committee of Enagás Transporte SAU
Joint structurePrevention Delegates and Management RepresentativesPrevention Delegates and Management RepresentativesPrevention Delegates and Management Representatives
Frequency of meetingsQuarterlyYearlyTwo-monthly

(1) At centres with fewer than fifty employees at which there is Prevention Delegate, health and safety meetings are held on a regular basis.

On the Intranet there is also a suggestion box available to all Enagás employees.


In 2015, Enagás took part in an exercise in the province of Ciudad Real called ‘Gamma Daimiel 2015’. It involved simulating a crisis situation at a petrochemical plant in which an explosion created a toxic cloud several kilometres in radius that affected nearby facilities and had a domino effect.

The main target of this initiative was the coordination and action of external participants in a crisis situation, implementing their respective operations as set out in Self-Protection Plans and in the General Regulations for Communication in Crisis Situations.

Enagás intervened by activating the Protocol for Communications with the regional government of Castilla-La Mancha. Based on this scenario, a series of incidents were introduced, unknown to all participants, requiring action on the part of the Emergency Operational Management, assigned to the General Chief of Staff of the Military Emergency Unit (UME), as well as specialised emergency services and participating companies. In the second phase, Enagás' employees and the UME intervened at the Alcázar de San Juan Compressor Station, simulated in Daimiel, where the facilities had been affected as the toxic cloud prevented access thereto. The Main Control Centre (MCC) of Madrid monitored the entire crisis coordination and control process until the affected facility was secure.

Health and safety in the environment

Internationally, the Enagás Group participates on the Marcogaz Sustainability Standing Committee. Therein, it also participates in the Health and Safety Working Group, which deals with issues related to occupational health and safety of employees in the gas industry. In Spain, Enagás takes part in the Safety and Sustainable Development Committee and in its SEDIGAS working group, where common action criteria are established in relation to prevention and safety in the Spanish gas system.

The company also takes part in the Spanish Occupational Hazard Prevention Services Association (AESPLA). This is a forum for sharing knowledge on new lines of action to create a global prevention strategy in the various business sectors.

Crisis management

In 2015, training was carried out in different aspects related to crisis management and the resilience of organisations aimed at raising awareness about the relevance thereof and providing essential tools for coping with crises in the company. This training included development of a simulation and the launch of a resilience survey.

Furthermore, work began on preparing a stakeholder map for managing crises in different infrastructures of the company so that, in a hypothetical crisis situation, all key people as well as the channels and issues can be identified.