The positioning of Enagás in a low-carbon economy

Natural gas plays a key role in achieving sustainable, safe and efficient energy in a low-carbon economy.

It provides a more efficient technical and economic solution than other conventional fuels, at a lower cost to citizens and companies. Natural gas contributes to the competitiveness of industry and to reducing environmental impact.

Its use in the compressed natural gas (CNG) and / or liquefied natural gas (LNG) transport sector enables emissions of NO2 to be reduced by about 85% and emissions of CO2 to be reduced by 25% compared to other fuels and practically eliminates SOx emissions and particles with economic savings of between 30% and 50%.

Gas infrastructures offer the necessary flexibility for the variable development of renewable sources in the electricity sector, without the need for additional investment. In countries like Spain, the major development of natural gas infrastructures and logistics enables significant diversification of supply sources, which increase the security of supply.

In this sense, at Enagás we are working for the development of the gas sector through:

  • The promotion of new services and uses of natural gas in transportation by road, rail and sea and in the industrial and household sectors.
  • The promotion of the development of gas from renewable sources and hydrogen and their integration in gas infrastructures.
  • The promotion of the development of new technologies and infrastructures for the capture, transmission and storage or use of CO2 and small-scale liquefaction.