Long-term vision

Enagás has developed a robust long-term strategy that guarantees its future growth, based on its contribution of value in a context of progressive decarbonization of the global energy mix:

  • Gas is and will continue to be the most competitive and clean source of energy for the economic feasibility of the industry.
  • The significant developments of gas infrastructure required by dynamic or emerging markets with great potential make it possible to meet the growing need for modern energy services and commitments to lower emissions and to air quality while also enabling the integration of renewable energies.
  • Taking full advantage of the investments already made in stable or mature markets provides the necessary support and flexibility to ensure secure electricity supply, at the lowest cost, with a high penetration of renewables.
  • Natural gas offers great potential for growth in the transport of goods by road and sea, by displacing polluting fuels.
  • The commercial-scale development of renewable gas technologies, such as hydrogen and biomethane, will enable a gradual reduction in the gas industry's carbon footprint, using already-existing natural gas infrastructure.
  • As shown by the long-term scenarios of the major institutions in the area of energy, gas will be part of the energy matrix for a long time to come.

Enagás promotes corporate entrepreneurship in new growth areas in the value chain and is developing a comprehensive catalogue of innovative logistics services and new applications to optimise the efficiency of the Gas System and move forward with the digitization and adaptation of the traditional business.


Digital transformation is a strategic change lever for the company and is key to ensuring its position in the sector and achieving technological leadership.

This transformation is coordinated around the development of new capacities, new processes and methodologies, commoditized digital technologies and ground-breaking emerging technologies.

Enagás' digital transformation framework has been defined by alignment with the strategic priorities and sets out a realistic roadmap based on agile philosophy principles, to achieve real cross-company change in the short and medium term.

To this end, the framework represents a springboard for the definition of Enagás' digital transformation strategy, taking account of best practices in the sector, available technologies and internal opportunities in the different company teams. The framework pursues three critical objectives:

  • To optimize the value chain by transformation of our business processes, to achieve agility, efficiency and flexibility. This involves a special emphasis on the development of core processes, leveraged .on models and technologies that enable asset operation and maintenance to be managed more efficiently and more predictively.
  • Developing a company culture and a human capital with deep knowledge of the business and with digital thought, i.e. professionals who embrace change and adapt to transformation, work collaboratively, share knowledge and are receptive to new methodologies and technologies.
  • Generation of new revenues, focusing on areas adjacent to our value chain and leveraged on digital models and platforms and growth and diversification of revenues through the application of customer-focused models and technologies.
Corporate Entrepreneurship and Open Innovation Programme

Enagás has launched Enagás Emprende, a company to promote and develop the Corporate Entrepreneurship and Open Innovation Programme, through which the company supports business ideas and projects with the aim of diversifying the Enagás business portfolio by generating new business models and incorporating new capabilities in line with the company's strategy.

The programme searches inside and outside the company for projects related to the business to grow them and make them into viable companies. It is thus structured in the following phases:

  • Intrapreneurship: the company's professionals have a channel, Ingenia Business, for the submission of their business ideas.
  • Open Innovation: Enagás engages in scouting for innovation projects and start-ups and invites external entrepreneurs to present entrepreneurship projects to Enagás.
  • Enagás Fab: the company offers an innovative space at its central headquarters where projects arising from the programme are incubated and accelerated.

The support provided by Enagás Emprende has led to four projects becoming start-ups:

Vira 34efficiency Scale Gas gas2MOVE
Company founded by Enagás, the Carlos III University and internal and external entrepreneurs, in order to provide technological solutions for the detection of gas throug hits own infrared cameras and specific customized solutions. E4Efficiency focuses on the development of activities related to energy efficiency in liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals. The project is being driven by an Enagás internal entrepreneur. Company developed by two internal entrepreneurs, working on a small scale with natural gas to offer design, development and infrastructure management services and logistics solutions. Founded by 5 internal entrepreneurs, it aims to promote demand for vehicular natural gas as an alternative fuel in transportation, to provide a comprehensive and essential solution for transport fleet companies.

In turn, during 2017 Enagás Emprende promoted other projects, such as a pilot in the field of industry 4.0 (Smart Energy Assets) and approved the incorporation of two new companies: H2GAS to position Enagás in the development of projects related to hydrogen and SERCOMGAS to provide support and backing for gas supply companies.