Sustainable Management Model

The Enagás Sustainable Management Model establishes the company's responsibilities as regards sustainability and defines the assessment tools for identifying lines of action that are set out in the Sustainable Management Plan.

This plan incorporates the company's innovation and ongoing improvement initiatives to create short, medium and long-term value and achieve results in three spheres: environmental, social and governance.

Sustainable management model

The Appointments, Remuneration and CSR Committee (ARCSRC) is the highest body with responsibility for sustainability (economic, environmental and social impacts). The Sustainability Committee, formed of members of the Management Committee reports to the ARCSRC and is responsible for approving initiatives in this connection (by delegation from the ARCSRC).

At an executive level, it is the role of the Chairman to promote and continuously coordinate the management of the activities of Enagás and, under his oversight, the Chief Executive Officer is assigned the authority to administer the company’s businesses.

Under the umbrella of the Chief Executive Officer and as a general rule, the Finance Department is responsible for managing financial matters, while the Human & Corporate Resources Department is responsible for environmental and social matters. The Annual Report has been approved by the Board of Directors.