Our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals

Enagás, as a leading company in sustainability, contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, which represent the Agenda for Humanity 2030 and which address several fundamental human rights.

First, our corporate activities and strategy contribute to guaranteeing access to natural gas, an affordable, safe and sustainable energy (SDG7). Additionally, natural gas is of great importance for industrialization and improved competitiveness and it creates direct and indirect jobs (SDG9).

Secondly, with our management models, policies and corporate guidelines defined for our material issues, we contribute to guaranteeing gender equality (SDG5), economic growth and the creation of full and productive employment and decent work (SDG8), to combat climate change (SDG13), as well as the conservation of terrestrial ecosystems (SDG15).

Finally, dialogue and collaboration with our stakeholders allow us to establish alliances for the creation of shared value and, therefore, to achieve the objectives set (SDG 17).

The Appendix ‘Our contribution to the SDG’ includes references to those sections and chapters of this report in which we outline our contribution, indicators and corporate objectives for meeting each of the objectives of these priority SDG.

Our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals

Companies4SDGs Initiative

Enagás has joined the Companies4SDGs initiative, led by the Spanish Network of the United Nations Global Compact, in order to make the SDG known to professionals and show how the company is contributing to their fulfilment and providing advice at individual level for the achievement of each goal.