Enagás: good new energy

Our shareholder structure

Enagás has a free oat of 95%, one of the highest on the Spanish continuous market. More than 70% of our share ownership is international.

Distribution of capital

Distribution of capital

Capital by geographical locationLocalización del capital enagás  

Distribution of total capital

Active and transparent dialogue with shareholders and investors

The Communication and Contact Policy with shareholders, institutional investors and proxy advisors of Enagás is to encourage ongoing dialogue and conversation with each of its stakeholders and, in particular, with its shareholders, institutional investors, rating agencies, bondholders and proxy advisors, all within a framework of transparency and accessibility.

Enagás' Shareholder Information Office responds to any shareholder’s request for information, in particular with regard to the General Shareholders Meeting and the distribution of dividends for that year. The company offers permanent support service for shareholders that can be accessed via the following channels:

Consulta la Política de comunicación y contactos con accionistas, inversores institucionales y asesores de voto de Enagás en la web corporativa

See the Communication and Contact Policy with shareholders, institutional investors and proxy advisors of Enagás on the corporate website


Shareholder support communication channels 

Línea gratuita de Atención al Accionista: 900.100.399 enagás

Portal web corporativo: www.enagas.es enagás

With the aim of strengthening communication and transparency, as well as a close and continuous relationship with its shareholders and investors, the company has set up several initiatives aimed at bringing these stakeholders closer to the top management of the company as well as visiting the company’s main operating facilities.

On the one hand, over the past two years, visits to Enagás have been organisedfor minority shareholders. This is due to the growing trend for new minority shareholders that the company has observed in recent years (currently 27% of share ownership of Enagás
is Spanish and approximately half of that percentage is held by minority shareholders). In 2016, the 3rd Meeting of large minority shareholders in Enagás was held; Enagás shareholders visited the company headquarters where they met the Chairman to discuss the company’s main current issues. A visit was also made to the Enagás Regasi cation Plant in Huelva, thus a ording these shareholders a closer understanding of the company’s management.

In addition, during this year we have worked on automating the control and location of national shareholders in order to bring corporate communication closer to minority shareholders.

On the other hand, 2016 saw the rst visit by nancial analysts to one of Enagás' facilities; the Yela Underground Storage Facility, thus giving this group a glimpse of how this aspect of the company functions.