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Our customers

Enagás' clients are transmission companies, shippers, distributors and the direct consumers in the market (consumers who access our facilities directly),to which Enagás supplies a wide range of liquefied natural gas (LNG) services, transmission and underground natural gas storage.

Enagás' customer management model encompasses a commitment to quality and to excellence in the service offered.

The company has an ongoing marketing plan that includes various actions to boost and improve customer relations. Of the actions initiated in 2016, those that should be highlighted are the publication of the Services and Infrastructures Catalogue, the protocol for visits to infrastructures; and the organisation of the first Shipper’s Day in Barcelona, aimed at current clients as well as potential ones.

Furthermore, Enagás, as the Technical Manager of Spain’s Gas System, organises and heads the Gas System Follow-up Committee (the organ responsible for the operational monitoring of Spain’s Gas System and coordination among the different agents involved).

See the Services and Infrastructures Catalogueon the corporate website
See the Services and
Infrastructures Catalogue on
the corporate website

Relationship channels with clients

Account managers

Enagás offers clients round-the-clock service. 

These managers are responsible for Enagás’ customer relationship management. These managers oversee and continuously monitor their needs, via regular meetings, and offer them customised advice. The level of contact with clients is articulated according to a customer-attention procedure. Roadshows are also organised with international clients. 

Business tools: SL-ATR

Enagás has a seamless, real-time communication tool that provides management support for the complete natural gas cycle: SL-ATR. 

Possible incidents or conflicts with clients are resolved according to the customer-attention procedure via the review and claims module in the SL-ATR.

In 2016, the Balancing Circular (circular 2/2015 CNMC) of RD 984/2015 and other resolutions were introduced into the Spanish Gas System, leading to the creation of the new SL-ATR 2.0. This introduction was the result of the coordination and the joint work by Enagás for over two years with MINETUR, CNMC, transmission companies, distributors, shippers and MIBGAS.

Satisfaction surveys

Customer-satisfaction surveys are carried out yearly in order to define lines of action and improve the service offered. The results for 2016 are as follows:


Number of responses
from the total

Assessment of services rendered


Business operation 


Enagás as transmission company 


45/54            5,06/6


Capacity management and viability analysis, infrastructure operation and programming, etc.

System operators (transmission and distribution companies) 


Enagás as Technical Manager of the System 



Programming, operations, distribution and balances, etc.

System operators


In addition, Enagás provides its clients with a range of channels to o er them swift and expeditious access to the company, as well as to the corporate website and a regular newsletter.

Consulta el listado de nuestros clientes en la web corporativa

See the list
of our clients on our
corporate website