Underground storage facilities

In order to adjust offer to demand and face consumption peaks brought on by seasonal variations, among other reasons, it is necessary to store large quantities of gas in strategic places provided for such purpose.

Underground Storage

Gas, in these cases, is stored underground taking advantage of old deposits, or it is injected in deep water stratum or in cavities generated in salt formations.

Enagás manages three underground stores: Serrablo, located in Huesca, Gaviota, located in Bizkaia coast and Yela, located in Guadalajara. Maximum pressure at the underground storage facilities entrance is between 72 and 80 bars, depending on the design pressure of the pipeline to which they are connected. Minimum pressure is 45 bar for all of them.

For further information about these underground storages, please consult Serrablo, Gaviota and Yela corporate brochures at the bottom.

Working gas 979 million m3 (n)
Cushion gas – Extractable 567 million m3 (n)
Cushion gas – Non Extractable 1,134 million m3 (n)
TOTAL 2,681 million m3 (n)
Maximum injection 4.5 million m3 (n)/d
Maximum withdrawal 5.7 million m3 (n)/d

Working gas 680 million m3 (n)
Cushion gas – Extractable 140 million m3 (n)
Cushion gas – Non Extractable 280 million m3 (n)
TOTAL 1,100 million m3 (n)
Maximum injection 3.9 million m3 (n)/d
Maximum withdrawal 6.7 million m3 (n)/d

Working gas 1,050 million m3 (n)
Cushion gas – Non Extractable 950 million de m3 (n)
TOTAL 2,000 million m3 (n)
Maximum injection 10 million m3 (n)/d
Maximum withdrawal 15 million m3 (n)/d
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