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Technical Management of the System

Gas Quality


Cartagena Plant

Checking billing SCV

In order to comply with the publication requirement set forth in the amendment to Detail Protocol 01 of the Gas System Technical Management Standards (NGTS), published in the Official State Gazette on 3 October 2011, all users are offered a simulator showing the SCP applicable on customers' bills to enable them to be checked at a later date.

After selecting the municipality, the type of meter reading (monthly or bi-monthly), the latest meter reading date, and the pressure available in the customer's installation or home, the simulator offers a choice of the five standardized pressures (20, 100, 150, 300 and 500 mbar) or any pressure between 1 and 500 mbar. By clicking on "Calculate", the required result is obtained.

This result is shown at the bottom of the page, and is obtained using the methodology described in the aforementioned detail protocol.

SCP and ICP values and conversion factors are expressed under the following benchmark conditions: [SCP and ICP at 0ºC; V(0ºC ; 1.01325 bar)].

As per Appendix J of ISO 6976, the applicable factor for converting SCP at 0ºC to 25ºC should be 1/1.0026.
Calidad del Gas
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